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pink cancer support cirlcle
pink cancer support cirlcle

One-size-fits-all is a myth!

Curve Beauty Design is proud to do our part to promote love and acceptance, support empowerment, and inspire creativity.  We love our clients, so we strive to supply products and services that will suit their individual needs and lifestyles.

CBD specializes in highlighting and enhancing individuals curves on their face and body. Every lash purchase or Spa visit helps our cancer & hair loss outreach programs.

We provide our clients with the highest quality designer lashes that are free from animal fur and cruelty.


In addition to our products, Our Spa is dedicated to helping our clients towards their wellness and beauty goals. We also offer VIP lash fittings and beauty tutorials from our expert team of designers,  estheticians and cosmetologists.


We celebrate every individual’s curves and beauty, because each and every one of us is unique and exquisitely made.

This includes you, that’s reading this right now. You, my love, are the essence of Curve Beauty Design.

pink cancer support cirlcle





CBD wants beauty to be fun, safe and with a minimal carbon footprint, so being environmentally conscious is a core value.  Our lashes are fur free and our lash boxes are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and reusable. Even our parties are environmentally friendly! We use crystal and glass for our clients rather than disposable cups, which are harmful for the environment. Our complimentary beverages at lash bash events are 100% vegan. And even our root beer floats come with 100% biodegradable/compostable straws.



CBD knows that public service is not only only beneficial to the receiver, but also to those who lend a hand. Want to join us? Currently, we offer free programs for organizations servicing at-risk teens to help promote love and acceptance, support empowerment, and inspire creativity. Contact us to get involved!




Beauty draws on global influences so we should too! Our affiliate program offers meaningful opportunities nationwide and around the world.  Affiliates are offered exclusive opportunities and specials, not only for our products but also for events and outreach projects. Based out of the United States, we have expanded our partnerships to: Indonesia, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, and South Africa. We will continue our mission to positively impact as many hearts and lives as possible.

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