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☄This challenge was made in regards to our GCB lash set “Glass Ceiling Breakers”!☄ What is the Glass Ceiling?💥 This is a term which refers to the acknowledged barrier🗻 women and minorities face that affects their ability to advance👩‍⚕️ in a profession based on their sex and race regardless of their skillset. Curve Beauty Design believe everyone should have a fair chance📚 in life regardless of 🌈sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression👧, race, 👵age, weight, or SES💵. ☄We challenge you to make a change! Comment the color you pick under this photo!☄ Choose one!

Pink🌹- (WISDOM) Plant seeds of knowledge. They fracture the glass, and freedom is certain Red🥀-(PASSION) Work harder and smarter, passion and dedication is key to shattering that ceiling Orange🌺-(COURAGE) Find ways to lead no matter your role. That ceiling can’t break without you!

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